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Energy never dies, it just changes form. 

The Law of Use, energy cannot be destroyed. According to the Law of Cause and Effect, every action has an appropriate reaction. 


In the gym at Mercy HS, basketball practice was under way. A basketball player bounced a basketball, it hit the wood floor and came right back up and into the girl’s hands. She lifted her arms with the basketball in hand and threw it against the wall. The ball hit the wall and propelled across the gym and into the stands where the ball dropped down and hit a gym seat. The seat began to vibrate and make a sound. The sound got loud and slowly died. The observers heard the sound. Someone listened just a little harder to the sound, he squinted, the side of his eyes crinkled. The sound sparked the name of a song he and his wife loved when she was alive. He sees her spirit in his heart. His heart beats just a little faster. His heart brakes just a little less. He smiles. 


Meanwhile the ball, after hitting the chair, rickshas back onto the gym floor where it rolled toward the girl’s feet. It hit her feet and rolled backwards. She stepped forward and picked up the ball, bounced it a few times. Her hand felt sore from practicing all afternoon. She carried the ball to the basketball rack. She put the ball on the rack where it bumped into the other balls which then passed it around before calming down. The balls sit while little bits of air slowly leak out of them. They wait in there stand for someone to bring an air pump... 


The basketball player walked across the gym floor causing her gym shoes to hit the floor and made a squeaking noise. In the locker room, she changed into her street clothes ending with the sound of her zipper from her jacket. She took a breath; she heard her own breath and began to calm...She arrived home. As she opened the freezer door it made a broken seal type noise, she pulled out an ice bag which made a frozen crinkly noise. She put the ice on her sore hands and the swelling went down, ahh. She hears the footsteps of her mother, her mother's voice calls out, Jane, are you okay? Jane smiles...her mother's spirit is okay. 



The man from the gym walks home singing that special song he was reminded of when the basketball hit the chair. He arrives at his house and reaches for the door. His daughter Jane stands waiting with happy tears in her eyes. The door opens...and on and on. 

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